The Regulation of Ophthalmology Scientific Association of the Provinces



 The first chapter – Generalities

Article 1 – In compliance with the approval by the board of directors of Iranian Society of Ophthalmology , and proceeding to develop and facilitate to establish branches of Iran ophthalmology association in provinces, that are administered by Iranian Society of Ophthalmology , this branch is established and hereinafter called association branch.

Article 2 – Association branch has merely activities in the scientific, research, specialty and syndical matters and its members are not authorized to have political activity or affiliation to parties under the name of association.

Article 3 – Association branch is a non lucrative entity and has a legal personality and the head of its board of directors is its official representative.

Article 4–The address of central office of branch in the city of ……………….is …………………………………………  and works under the supervision of Iranian Society of Ophthalmology.

Article 5 – Association branch has Iranian nationality.

Article 6 – Association branch is established for an unlimited period of time from the date of approval and has the obligation to respect the laws and regulations of the Islamic republic of Iran and the approvals ofIranian Society of Ophthalmology.


The second chapter – Job description and goals

Article 7 – In order to reach the goals mentioned in the article 2 of this regulation, Association branch shall carry out the followings.

7-1 – Communication with  Iranian Society of Ophthalmology  and participation in scientific, technical, research, educational and syndical programs fulfilled by this Association and submission of the annual report to  Iranian Society of Ophthalmology.

7-2 – Creating scientific, technical, research and educational communication with researchers, specialists and other experts that in a way are active in different branches relevant to Association and to exchange views with them. 

7-3 – Cooperation with the centers affiliated to the ministry of health, treatment and medical training, and universities and educational and research institutes, the medical order organization of the province and also with other organizations that in a way are related to the association branch. 

7-4 – Providing of educational, scientific, technical and research services in accordance with the regulations of Iranian Society of Ophthalmology. 

7-5 – Appreciating and persuading the ophthalmologists, researchers and students of the relevant province in proceeding to the scientific, research, educational, health and treatment activities.

7-6 – Cooperation with  Iranian Society of Ophthalmology  in procurement and compilation of scientific and educational editions.

7-7 – Cooperation with Iranian Society of Ophthalmology   in holding educational and research seminars, continuous training at national and international levels in compliance with the laws and regulations in practice of the country.

7-8 – Cooperation with Iranian Society of Ophthalmology  in preparing suitable grounds for the implementation of scientific researches in connection with the relevant branch, particularly thru appreciation and persuading of the young specialists. 

7-9 – Participation in establishing councils for the scientific medical groups of the province and planning for the affairs related to them.

7-10 – Obtaining the support of international milieus for scientific and research activities at national level and in the framework of the current regulations of the country, after the approval by the board of directors of  Iranian Society of Ophthalmology.


The third chapter – Membership

All the persons who are members of the association branches are also members of Iran ophthalmology association and are simultaneously members of other provincial association branches.

Article 8 – Membership of association branch is as follows:

8-1 – Permanent membership: All the individuals who have at least diplomas or certificates in branch of ophthalmology may be members of association in compliance with the regulations.

8-2 – Affiliated membership: All the persons having PHD in one of the fields affiliated to ophthalmology.

8-3 – Honorary membership: The Iranian and foreign personalities whose scientific, cultural and social ranking is of particular importance or having fulfilled effective and precious assistances for the proceeding of association branch may be honorary  members of association branch, after the confirmation by Iranian Society of Ophthalmology  .   

Note 1 – The affiliated members having the required  qualification can become permanent member, after the approval by the board of directors.

Note 2 – The permanent members of Association should have the required qualification required by the board of establishers and board of directors mentioned in the article 7 of the regulation concerning the establishment and the job description of the Commission. 

Article 9 – Each member of association branch shall pay annually the amount of membership fee which will be indicated by the board of director of Iranian Society of Ophthalmology  , it shall be transferred to the account of the provincial association branch and/or to the account of Iranian Society of Ophthalmology. 

Note 1 – The payment of membership fee would not entitle the member for any right or reclamation to acquire from the properties of association branch.

Note 2 – The certificate of permanent members’ number corresponds to the number of registered persons in the same year therefore, only those persons are authorized to participate in the election of the board of directors who have paid their membership fees of the past year and the same current year and have received the card for participating in the general assembly and election.

Article 10 – The membership of Association or its branches would terminate in one of the following cases:

10-1 – Written resigning request.

10-2 – The non-payment of the annual membership fee and the debt from the previous year  within the deadline fixed by the board of directors. 

10 -3 – The failure in one of the membership conditions and also being sentenced definitively by one of the preliminary or supreme enforcement  boards of medical order organization will deprive the member temporarily or permanently of the membership.

Note 1 – The duration of membership suspension period corresponds to the deprivation of medical profession.

Note 2 – The final decision for admission or rejection of membership will be made by the board of directors of the province.

The fourth chapter – The organs of the association branch

Article 11 – Association branch has the following organs:

11-1 – General assembly

11-2 -  Board of directors

11-3 -  Inspector


A-  General assembly

Article 12 – The general assembly would be held by the gathering of permanent members of the province branch and at the presence of Iran ophthalmology representative, as follows:

12-1 – The normal general assembly holds once per year and considers the current affairs of association branch and it may be held as the extraordinary general assembly in exigent cases. 

12-3 – The first normal general assembly, after the preliminary agreement of Iranian Society of Ophthalmology  and being announced in one of the widely circulated newspapers or one of the local newspapers, will be held the latest within six months. 

Note 1 – The meetings of the normal and extraordinary general assembly will be official with presence of at least half of the members plus one permanent member and at extraordinary general assemblies the decisions will be effective with two-third of the votes.

Note 2- In the case the required number of participants is not attained for holding the meeting of general assembly, soon after one month since the previous meeting date, while mentioning the result of the previous invitation, a second invitation to the meeting would be rendered, in such a case the meeting would be held with any number of the present members. 

Article 13 – The duties of normal general assembly are as follows:

13-1 – Listening to the report of board of directors and the inspector and considering and making decision in regard to the annual activities of association branch of the province.

13-2 – Election or dismissal of board of directors’ members.

13-3 – Election of one of the members as the principal inspector and one person as substitute.

13-4 – The approval of circulars and executive regulations required for the proceeding of association branch proposed by the board of director.

Note – To all the general assembly meetings, the representative of Iranian Society of Ophthalmology   would be invited to attend. In the case the representative does not participate, the meeting wouldn’t be official.


A-  Board of directors

Article 14 – The members of board of directors are composed of 3 or 5 persons and also one person is elected as substitute member. The members mentioned at the normal general assembly will be elected at each 3 years intervals thru concealed voting from among the permanent members of association branch, the membership of the board of directors is honorary. 

Note 1 – In the provinces where the number of ophthalmologists is less than 25 ones, the number of principal members of board of directors wouldn’t be more than three persons, but when the number of the ophthalmologists is 25 ones or more, the number of the members may be three or five persons according to the view of the general assembly.

Note 2 – Only the persons who have permits to have clinic or are working in that province may be candidates or elected as members of the board.

Note 3 – The meetings of the board of directors would be held at least in each 2 months and will be official by the presence of two-third of members and the decisions will be effective with the votes of half of the members plus one person. 

Article 15 – The board of directors at its first meeting will elect in written vote one person as the head of board, one  as the  deputy and one  as treasurer based on  the majority of votes. 

Note 1 – The head of association branch and the deputy of association branch and the inspector can not be elected to carry out these three responsibilities more than two consecutive periods.

Note 2 – The head of board will be responsible to manage all the current affairs of association, and the executive of all the approvals of the board of directors and the legal representative and moral personality of association with different departments. 

Note 3 – All the commitment papers would be signed by the head of board and the treasurer and have the stamp of association branch, but the official administrative letters would be signed by the head of board and in his absence by his deputy.

Note 4 – In the case any member of board does not participate in the meetings 3 consecutive times and/or 5 alternative times without any confirmed reason ( recognized by the board of directors) he will be considered resigned. 

Note 5 – In the case of resign or dismissal or decease of each member of the board of directors, the substitute member will substitute him for the rest of membership period. 

Article 16 – The board of directors has the obligation to proceed to call the general assembly at least within four months before the end of its mission for the election of the new board of directors, at the presence of Iranian Society of Ophthalmology   representative and to send promptly the results including the proceedings of the general assembly for consideration and approval to Iranian Society of Ophthalmology. 

Note-   The previous board of directors will have the responsibility for association branch up to the confirmation of the new board of directors’ mandate.

Article 17 – The duties and authority of the board of directors:

17-1-  Calling upon normal and extraordinary general assembly.

17-2 The implementation of decisions made at general assembly.

17-3 – Holding lecture sessions, scientific seminars, syndical and research gatherings, in compliance with the laws and regulations in practice of the province.   

17-4 – The procurement of regulations, norms and executive circulars

17-5- The compilation of annual activity report for submitting to the inspector and general assembly

17-6- The preparation of balance sheet and submitting it to general assembly

17-7 – Collecting gifts and financial supports for the association

17-8 – Managing the affairs of association in framework of statutes dispositions.

17-9-  The proposition of association branch dissolution to the extraordinary general assembly, after the confirmation by Iranian Society of Ophthalmology.


B-  The inspector

Article 18 – Association branch will have one principal inspector elected at 3 year intervals at the normal general assembly thru concealed voting from among the permanent members.

Article 19 – The duties of inspector are as follows:

19-1- Consideration of all the documents and papers of association, and procurement of report for submitting to general assembly.

19-2 – Consideration of the annual report of board of directors, either financial or otherwise and the recording of association’s work and its submission to general assembly.

10-3 – Reporting to general assembly of any infringement of the board of directors upon the dispositions of regulation.

19-4 – Inviting to extraordinary general assembly in necessary cases.

Note: The inspector may not have any administrative or financial responsibility, but he shall continuously supervise the executive activities from quantity and quality point of view.   

Article 20 – The participation of inspector in meetings of board of directors is authorized without having the right to vote, and he may at any time ask the board of directors for the documents and financial records for consideration.

Article 21 – At the end of any financial year, the head of board shall put at the disposition of inspector for confirmation; the activities report and balance sheet, at least 45 days before holding the first yearly meeting of general assembly.

The fifth chapter – The Financial Sources of Association

Article 22- The financial sources of association are as follows:

22-1 The membership fees

22-2 From gifts and assistances

22-3 The income acquired from educational, research, technical and printed materials activities.

33-4 The financial supports of Iran ophthalmology association, medical sciences university and the medical order organization of the province.

The sixth chapter – Dissolution cases of Association

Article 23 – Upon the request by the board of directors or inspector and/or 1/3 of permanent members and the approval by extraordinary general assembly, after the confirmation by the board of directors of Iranian Society of Ophthalmology  , association branch may be terminated.

Article 24 – The general assembly, when decides for the dissolution of the association branch, at the same session shall elect the clearance board and indicates its mission duration.

Article 25 – The clearance board submits the report of its considerations to the annual meetings of extraordinary general assembly. The result of clearing matters work shall be approved by extraordinary general assembly and the board of directors of  Iranian Society of Ophthalmology  and be announced in the official newspaper of Iran and also in one of the widely circulated newspapers of the province.

Note – The remaining properties of association branch, after deducting the debts and expenditures and the approval of clearance board shall be delivered to the board of directors of Iranian Society of Ophthalmology. 

Article 26 – This statute comprises six chapters and twenty six articles and twenty notes, approved on December 21, 2012 by the board of Iranian Society of Ophthalmology  .