Iranian VitreoRetina Society Bylaws

Iranian Society of Ophthalmology ,  in order to reinforce the solidarity and to enhance the principles of  ties among the ophthalmologists and also the back up and support  of educational, research and syndical  efforts of different specialist groups of ophthalmology, confirms and supports the activity of the  different  specialist groups according to the regulations and principles.          

Article 1: Iranian Society of Ophthalmology is known as the only ophthalmological association in Iran and the post-specialist ophthalmological groups’ activity is known under the name of affiliated groups, and these groups are known according to their particular specialties ( As an example: The specialty group of glaucoma affiliated to  Iranian Society of Ophthalmology).

Article 2: The ophthalmologists volunteer to be members of the post-specialty of  Iranian Society of Ophthalmology, at first register their names with the Association and pay the membership fee and will follow the statutes of the Association.

Article 3: The members of the specialty group are composed of the specialists having the fellowship certificate or its equivalent at the relevant branch.

Article 4: The administration of each specialty group would be carried out by the Board of Heads, the members of which will be nominated thru election held by Association. The number of Board of Heads would be in accordance with Association agreement for a period of 3 years, anyhow the number shall not be more than 5 persons.    

Article 5: The Head of specialty group or his assistant are the contact persons with the Association for all exigent coordination and participation in the meetings, whenever invited.

Article 6: The administration of affairs relevant to each specialty group for the proposed scientific programs at the seminars, congresses and similar programs and also research affairs would be carried out by the Board of heads of the related group. The syndical affairs of the different groups would be exclusively according to the authority and view of Iranian Society of Ophthalmology . 

Article 7: Iranian Society of Ophthalmology would provide procurement and back up in accordance with its afford for facilitating the scientific, educational and research planning of each group whose establishment is confirmed by Association.

Article 8: Whereas the separate procurement and providing of seminar educational programs of each group may interfere with other groups’ programs therefore, all the specialty groups have the obligation to propose their annual scientific programs up to the 20th of December of each year to Association to be considered and approved by the board of directors enabling the group to hold or carry it out during the following year.

Article 9: Association would supervise the good performance of the scientific programs of specialty groups, and in the case some revenue is gained thru the carry out of  programs, the mentioned amount shall be transferred to the account of Association. Some part of the acquired income would be transferred as credit to the relevant group and whenever the group submits a scheduled scientific program, it would benefit from such a credit.

Article 10: Whereas the establishment of specialty groups at Association should not cause the feebleness of the existing specialty groups at the universities, the submission of re-training programs by specialty groups affiliated to Association would be subject to coordination with the compiled programs of universities.

Article 11:  Iranian Society of Ophthalmology  will circulate the news relevant to the groups and their scientific programs thru its own News Letter.

Article 12:  All the letterheads, envelopes, correspondences, editions, either schedule brochures, conferences, articles resumes, and any other type of communication would be under the name of  Iranian Society of Ophthalmology, with the mention of the relevant group. It goes without saying that the correspondences of each group would be thru  Iranian Society of Ophthalmology. 

Article 13: The decisions of  Iranian Society of Ophthalmology would be made globally and will be incumbent upon the specialty groups and each group may submit in written its consulting view to Iran Ophthalmology Association to be considered by the board of director of Association.  Iranian Society of Ophthalmology mutually asks for the consultancy in specialty matters.

This regulation comprises 13 articles and is approved by the board of directors of  Iranian Society of Ophthalmology on October 19, 2012