The precedence of ophthalmology in Iran dates back to the pre-Islamic era and the Achamenid Dynasty. At the Jondishapour university during the Sassanid dynasty (224-641 A.D.), particularly, the medical  science was taught methodologically. Following the sagely recommendations of the sacred Prophet Mohammad (Salute upon him) and the innocent Imams, Mohammad Ben Zakaria Razi (865-925 A.D.), and the savant AbuAli Sina (Avicena) the bright stars of science and honor of Iran and the geniuses of humanity (980-1037 A.D.) wrote several materials in regards to ophthalmology , also other Iranian scientists and physicians such as AbuSahl Massihi Jorjani (1042-1136 A.D.) .And Zarrin Dast who wrote his famous book in Persian in 1088 a.d., and all these show the precedence of attention to the ophthalmology in Iran.      

    By the establishment of Darolfonoon in the year 1916, the teaching of a methodological ophthalmology began and the scientific chairmanship of ophthalmology  was awarded to Dr. Shams Molkara (LessanolHokama) and then with the establishment of Tehran university in 1934 the chairmanship of ophthalmology  was confided to professor Mohammad Gholi Shams. After the graduation of some ophthalmologists in Iran and the return of some other ophthalmologists from the foreign countries, in the year 1947, the Iranian  Society of ophthalmology was established and since that time up to now it has been managed by the board of  directors that have always been elected according to the vote of members, the number of which presently is 1500 persons. The board of directors are elected for a period of three years by the majority vote of the members and provide their service to their colleagues and the people of Iran.

The Iranian Society of Ophthalmology  recognizes itself as the responsible for the development of teaching, research and ophthalmological treatment in Iran and the region, so that by the safeguarding the scientific prestige and the syndical rights of the ophthalmologists  would take effective steps in enhancing  the science of ophthalmology and its services. In compliance with this aim it has made a close liaison and tie with the Ministry of Health, Medical Order Organization, and the world ophthalmological associations, and permanently participates actively in arranging monthly and seasonal seminars and manages the annual congress at international level and with an active membership in MEACO it has displayed and high-lighted  the role of Iranian colleagues.


Iranian Society of Ophthalmology has got the following sub-divisions and is still developing it:

The Iranian Sub-Speciality Group of Cornea and Refractive (Anterior Segment)

The Iranian Sub-Speciality Group of Vitreous and Retina (Posterior Segment)

The Iranian Sub-Speciality Group of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

The Iranian Sub-Speciality Group of Pediatrician and Strabismus and Neuro-Ophthalmology

The Iranian Sub-Speciality Group of Glaucoma

The Iranian Sub-Speciality Group of uveitis


With the recent admission of IRAVO as the research arm of the Society, effective steps would be taken in the field of research.

Iranian Journal of Ophthalmology and Didgah News Letter and also the website of the Society: www.irso.org would facilitate the access of the colleagues to the Society.